Two Weeks until Royal Ascot


With only 2 weeks to go until Royal Ascot 2018 we are very busy with our hats. It really is our favourite time of year. We love seeing your outfits and finding the right hat to go with it.

Since the Royal Wedding the disc fascinators (or “head pieces”) have become very popular. Our medium and large discs seem to suit everyone.

These sit on a well padded headband and are very stable. They look fantastic.

We also have a great range of classic hats – big brimmed, small brimmed and split brimmed.

Did you know that if you are of a slightly shorter stature (that’s me, not Sophie!) you shouldn’t wear matching shoes and hat? It actually squashes you – and who wants to look even shorter than you actually are!! So think about either matching bag and hat, or shoes and bag – but not all 3.


Have a great time at Royal Ascot 2018. We love to see your photos wearing our hats, shoes and bags.

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