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Jane and Sophie have worked successfully together in Italy for several years now, developing houses for the rental market (see http://www.houses-in-italy.co.uk) and in their travels around this beautiful country they have come across so many wonderful things, that they decided to set up a boutique, selling exclusively Italian products. They source all their shoes and accessories directly from family run businesses which has been enormous fun and they have built a great rapport with them. The work force is predominately family, grandparents, uncles, aunts and siblings. The common theme when chatting with them is their enormous pride in their product and the heritage of generations of master craftsmen. They are as interested in La Bella Donna as Sophie and Jane are, it seems. They love the fact that they speak Italian and so can get under the skin of the culture. What is different about their shop is that, because they go to the factories they actually choose the leather, the heels, and the little touches that make them unique. So there are only a few pairs of every type so you know you are buying something original and fairly exclusive to you.

There is something magic about Italy and the Italians, you only have to mention Italy to people and everyone smiles. The feel good factor for chic fashion, warm sun, good food, great wine and beautiful scenery just engenders thoughts of a wonderful life style that people want to be part of. At La Bella Donna they are trying to enhance that feel good factor and make the experience a truly Italian one. They have Italian music playing softly in the background, pictures of iconic Italian things and there is always a real Italian espresso coffee on offer for their customers. They are also doing a 'Prosecco' club on Saturday afternoons, so go in if you are passing and have a glass whilst browsing!

Now you can explorer our beautiful boutique online with the virtual tour below. Simply use your mouse to click on the arrow and navigation around our shop.

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