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The La Bella Donna collection of fine hand-made footwear and accessories features only fabulous pieces fashioned in Italy. Our gorgeous jewellery collection is no exception and showcases, amongst others, the striking beauty of the world famous Murano glass.

Murano is a small island in the Venetian lagoon that boasts a long tradition of artisan glass making but the story of Murano glass actually began much further afield. Glass had been produced in Italy since the 8th century but the early glass was moulded rather than blown. Venice was a highly significant trading port receiving goods from far and wide and so it was inevitable that the skills of foreign lands would also be introduced to the region. Amongst these was the practice of blowing glass which originated in Asia and the Middle East.

Glass making was a major industry in Venice but the foundries were moved to the Island of Murano in the 13th century probably because the workshops represented a major fire risk to a city where many of the buildings were wooden. The artisans of Murano were instrumental in developing and refining many techniques over the centuries. These included enamelled glass, aventurine (sparkly glass) and milk glass.

Today there are significantly fewer glass blowers working on Murano than just a few years ago. Cheap imitations from the Far East and changing tastes have seen a contraction in production. However, Murano glass is still revered and offers a special quality and beauty that is hard to match.

The jewellery collection at La Bella Donna features stunning bracelets, earrings and necklaces with Murano glass elements in striking designs to savour. Each piece offers designer looks and a slice of genuine Venetian heritage and we are sure that you will appreciate every gorgeous style. This jewellery is also perfect for a special gift when you are looking for something beautiful, unique and with a true sense of style and chic design.


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