EPOS System

Here at La Bella Donna we not only have an eCommerce website but a boutique in Stockbridge as well. To help us manage both sides of the business we use an EPOS system from Intelligent Retail that connects up the shop and the website stock and orders. This provides a central point for controlling the processes and was designed with independent retailers in mind.

The EPOS system has the till functionality and the back office area which allows retailers to manage their stock trees, customer databases and other channels such as website, amazon or eBay all in one system. This means that you can be serving a customer in store one moment and then picking, packing and despatching a website order the next.

For the ecommerce website we have control over adding new products and new categories at any time and simply upload these changes to the website when we are ready. As the stock is all connect if we sell one item in the shop, the software automatically tells the website that there is one less available to buy online or on other channels. This saves us the time of logging into various other channels to update stock.

The EPOS system also holds data such as our customers and their loyalty points, accounts and the transactions assigned to them. Alongside this there are various reports and filters that can show retailers what their best selling products are and help with stock valuations and replenishments. This gives retailers the ability to stock the right products at the right times with smart stock management.

Although there are so many features in the EPOS system it is also simple to use. The tills are touch screen and the products can be scanned or searched for in the database. This means we can provide better customer service as we can quickly look up the products complete with images, full description, pricing, and other data. The till can be switched from ‘over counter’ mode to ‘sales order’ or ‘purchase order’ mode by a click of a button.

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