Shoes For Every Occasion

La Bella Donna

Here at La Bella Donna we adore the quality and craftsmanship that comes with a pair of fabulous shoes from Italy. That is why we source from family run businesses who all take enormous pride in their heritage of shoe making and the stunning shoes they produce for us. We make regular trips over to their workshop to catch up with the team and discuss new styles for production.

Where are the shoes made?

Most of the shoes are made in Le Marche, Central Italy, which is a beautiful unspoilt part of the country, rich in tradition and the shoe making heart of the country. Le Marche is the worlds most concentrated shoe manufacturing region and many major brands are crafted in this area.

Who are the shoes made by?

We are supplied by Geox, Sabatini, Superga, Candice Cooper, Nicola Sexton, Elio’s Calzature  to name the main ones. Most of the manufacturers have been making shoes for generations.

Geox was started in 1995 by Italian Mario Polegato who, while in the desert in the USA and complained that his feet were too hot so gouged holes in his trainers and felt better – he went on to develop the idea with a small leather goods business his family owned and now makes beautiful shoes called ‘respira’ which means breathe.

What materials do they use?

All the leather is Italian and the selection process is very rigorous. Absolutely no blemishes, tears or marks. The tanning of the leather is also a skill perfected by the Italians and we strive to use only natural dyes for our colours.

How do they make the shoes?

Shoe making is an art. The process for creating these wonderful shoes starts with choosing the raw materials including leathers and fabrics which will be cut to shape and sewn into the uppers of the shoes. Then these parts are joined together and laid over lasts (wooden, plastic or metal mechanical form in the shape of a foot) to be strictly examined. Tools used include pilers, hammers and pincers along side specialist machinery.

The leather is then moulded by a high-temperature vapour and then the upper and the sole are joined together. To restore the strength to the leather after this process they use creams and brushes to revive the material and then cool the footwear to ensure shape and firmness in a special temperature controlled tunnel. The final stage is a thorough quality check and cleaning before being wrapped and despatched out to La Bella Donna.

What quality checks do the shoes go through?

As many of our shoes are handmade there are so many stages of production, with various craftsmen and women involved that everyone notices any slips. Quality control is of the utmost importance to maintain a good name.

Why buy these shoes?

They are of top quality, incredibly comfortable, beautifully designed and will last for years. Your feet deserve to be cared for and why not have true style at it’s best.